Provide unmatched financial clarity with tax-smart investment insights

Most representatives look at finances the same way, but Avantax Financial Professionals integrate tax information for a comprehensive picture. It’s this unique approach that allows our Financial Professionals to provide a strategic perspective for their clients. They can peek around corners, find hidden opportunities, and provide maximum clarity.

Why it matters

Good for Business, Great for Clients

Adding tax-smart investment insights and financial services to your practice allows you to provide enhanced value to your clients while simultaneously expanding your business and helping increase profits. A comprehensive approach to financial advice is a no-brainer for tax professionals looking to go the extra mile for their clients.

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A tax-smart approach to holistic financial services

Build wealth for your clients with Avantax Wealth Management’s holistic approach to financial services. As a tax professional, your unique insight into your clients' financial situation allows you to uncover opportunities that other Financial Professionals often miss. Create tailored plans based on life goals, tax-based financial opportunities, and unbiased investment solutions.

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Support at every stage

Avantax supports your business in a variety of ways. From covering your FINRA securities registration training to hosting community building events, we’re here to provide you with a robust marketing platform.

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Get results

Here to help your practice grow

Expand your financial services practice as an Avantax Financial Professional. Our tools are built to spark a boost in retention, job satisfaction and overall business revenue.


Financial Professionals and counting

A dedicated network of industry-leading financial services professionals fostering greater financial health for their clients through holistic financial services.


Increase in satisfaction

75% of Financial Professionals report that they feel the added financial services at their practices have had a positive impact on their clients’ overall satisfaction.**


Average incremental profit

Adding financial services to your practice can generate an average of $1.7 million in incremental revenue over five years, leading to $670,000 of incremental profit.**


Take their word for it




"This firm has a unique culture in that Financial Professionals truly care about each other and they're willing to tell their story to help somebody else. I take a lot of pride in that. "




"My biggest clients to this day are the ones that I have done tax returns for years. They developed the confidence in me. They turn to me to help them with their financial planning. I now work on a holistic plan that goes throughout their lifetime, beyond just taxes. Clients like and appreciate that. "

*As of March 1, 2018.
**Avantax Wealth Management calculation based on data derived from 2017 IPSOS survey.