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Avantax Wealth Management Social Media

Avantax Wealth Management Social Media

Rules of Engagement

Avantax Investment ServicesSM is a broker-dealer, and as such, our industry requires that we uphold certain guidelines within the social media space. As a result, we need to enforce some rules on the social media websites where our firm is represented.

We’ll work hard to create a useful and interesting presence on our corporate social sites that accurately reflects the culture and values of our firm. However, please take into account that likes and comments by visitors to our social media sites do not represent our firm, our Representatives or our clients. We certainly want to hear from our audience, but please pardon our lack of response. This is not anything personal, rather, necessary due to the rules and regulations in place around how our firm communicates via social media.

We hope you will understand that all content posted about or representing our firm should be done thoughtfully and responsibly. If comments and posts do not comply with our guidelines, we reserve the right to remove them. As a guiding principle, posts should always be respectful, accurate and relevant to the original topic. We ask that you do not post any type of investment recommendations, trading instructions, advice, reviews, or questions via social media. Avantax Wealth Management ServicesSM and our Representatives do not request endorsements, recommendations or reviews for our investment and/or advisory services and we respectfully ask that our audience takes this into consideration. Our representatives will not request any personal or account information through any social media site. Any such request should be ignored and deleted. We have a limited number of people in our home office who post content to our corporate social media sites, so our Representatives and employees cannot post content without going through our approved channels. At Avantax, we take our customers’ privacy seriously and all posts will need to comply with our corporate privacy policy. If you utilize social media sites, please be sure you are aware of each site’s specific terms of service and privacy settings. You should be aware that our Representatives and employees are not affiliated with social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube or Twitter and are not responsible for privacy settings controlled by the individual social media websites.

The Avantax family of companies exclusively provide financial products and services through its financial representatives. Although Avantax Wealth ManagementSM does not provide or supervise tax or accounting services, Avantax Representatives may offer these services through their independent outside business.

Avantax affiliated Representatives may only conduct business with residents of the states for which they are properly registered.   Please check their
FINRA BrokerCheck record to determine the states in which they are properly registered.

Please contact your Avantax Representative to discuss any comments, questions or concerns. If you do not have an Avantax Representative, we can find one in your area who meets your needs. Please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.